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Why Three Sixteen Mentorship and Business School?

Hardship and the lack of development in most developing countries in Africa are pervasive, alarming and chronic, to an extent that, it has hijacked most parts of society. Taking a bird’s eye view, the genesis of the underlying issues is an enemy called ‘Poor governance’ resulting in poverty and deprivation. The absence of development, inadequate innovations, industrial growth and employment opportunities have seriously impacted economic growth. The aforementioned challenges create far-reaching consequences impeding every facet of the economy.  Institutions, organizations and even the government are burdened with the lack of solutions and more importantly, the lack of skilled and qualified hands to turn the dreaded situation around.  The current state of affairs has produced millions of frustrated young vibrant Youth who are unable to fulfil their dreams.  As important as education, tertiary institutions in Africa are more busy producing unskilled graduates than there are opportunities.Statistics show that youth unemployment has been growing organically since the year 1990 and its impact on youth employment has created all sorts of vices like depression, frustration and insecurity leading to a generation of waste culture and a society of deplorable behaviors and lifestyles. On this premise, Three Sixteen Mentorship and Business institute was created to provide a platform for change and bridge the gap in the system, between the low-class apprentice and the professional world through the instrumentality of the vision and mission of the institute.

About Us

Three Sixteen Mentorship and Business institute aim to produce qualified professionals and well-grounded leaders, in business and entrepreneurship towards meeting global market standards.

The Three Sixteen Mentorship and Business institute is a recognized body by Leadership, Business, and mentoring organization in the delivery of high training throughout Africa and Europe. Our reputation was built on delivering initial Business, Mentorship and Leadership skills.


  1. To promote and develop the quality of Leadership, Mentorship and Business competence for academia and corporate organizations
  2. To train and enhance competencies in corporate and government bodies
  3. To conduct research and publish findings that would enhance the productivity to SMEs and entrepreneurs
  4. To conduct regular seminars and short courses to boost the quality of the productivity of the SMEs and self-owned business owners.
  5. To organize symposiums, summits, conferences and inductions with degree awards from our associate institutions within the scope of the United States, United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates and to upgrade the competitive knowledge on global theories on leadership, business and entrepreneurship.

We Aim to

  • Educate
  • Train
  • Certify
  • Empower Three Sixteen Mentorship and business institute branches across Africa and Europe to sanitize the business, and leadership education with our experiences.

Our Services

  • Online studies
  • Online conferencing
  • Validation
  • Accreditation
  • Chartered leadership and Business Mentors.


We have highly qualified trainers and facilitators to deliver high-quality Leadership, Business and mentorship Courses.

Meet the Board of Directors

Mrs Gift Chidinma Nnamoko- Orairu


Personal Developer / Youth Mentor.
Publisher/Editor in Chief of the New Africa Magazine,
Chairman Governing board of ThreeSixteen Mentorship and Business Institute

Takon Samuel Ojong (Ph.D.)


Dr. Takon Samuel Ojong is a multi-skilled scholar with theoretical, business and practical competences in Public Administration, and in the broad area of Business Management (with a strong..

Mrs Enoh Samson

Legal Adviser

Enoh Samson is the founder of ‘Rebrand The Niger Delta’ she is a UK qualified legal professional with a degree in communication studies and public relations. She has over 19 years experience …..

Mrs Karima Rhanem

President of the International Center of Diplomacy and CEO of Africa My Home.

Mrs Karima Rhanem, is the president of the International Center of Diplomacy and CEO of Africa My Home. She was the 2018 Ambassador and National Director of the Pan