Business Development and Management

business Development &

This course looks into the fundamentals of business development and how it affects small businesses in Africa.

In this course, students would learn who a business developer is, as well as the functions of the business developer such as business development ethics; terms and skills are stated likewise.



Time to Complete

3 Months

Course Details



  • Understanding the Basics
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Strategic Initiatives & Partnerships
  • Project Management/Planning
  • Product Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Negotiations, Networking & Lobbying
  • Cost Saving

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  • Asian Languages and Literature (ASIAN)
  • Bengali (BENG)
  • Chinese (CHIN)
  • Hindi (HINDI)
  • Indian (INDN)
  • Indonesian (INDO)
  • Japanese (JAPAN)
  • Korean (KOREAN)
  • Sanskrit (SNKRT)
  • Thai (THAI)
  • Urdu (URDU)
  • Vietnamese (VIET)
  • Concept of Small Business
  • Sources of Funding

Bonus Module

  • Sales Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Marketing Skills
  • Business Intelligence Skills
  • ROI & Data Analysis Skills
  • Project Management and people skills

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