I am pleased to inform you that the THREE SIXTEEN MENTORSHIP AND BUSINESS INSTITUTE  (LMB – Africa) has nominated you for the Fellowship of the Institute of LEADERSHIP MENTORSHIP AND BUSINESS INSTITUTE (LMB). This is the highest grade of the Institute’s Membership and is reserved for accomplished professionals of your level and status in the profession.

This is not an invitation to receive an Honorary Fellowship. You are well and appropriately educated and qualified in your field of professional calling. You have ample experience that makes you suitable to add Leadership and Mentorship consultancy as a platform to offer your knowledge and expertise as a commodity in the knowledge economy. So, Leadership, ThreeSixTeen Mentorship and Business Institute is extending this humble invitation to you to consider the possibility of becoming a full professional member of the Institute. We believe your knowledge and experience can add value to what we have been doing over the years. We also believe that we can contribute to making your professional knowledge available to society through the platform of Leadership and mentorship community.

TLMBI Certification Workshop

In addition to your Fellowship, and even more importantly, you will participate in the Certification Workshop which makes you eligible to be assessed for approval. The TLMBI(ThreeSixteen Leadership Mentorship and Business Institute) qualification is granted by the chartered institute of management and leadership. California Metropolitan University,USA.Gideon Robert University,Luzaka Zambia,Ameri American Management University.USA,American Heritage University of Southern California,USA.


. The TLMBI is recognised and approved by the International Curriculum accessment Network,UK.Ministry of Higher Education,Abuja.

Certification Training Workshop

The Institute shall be having a Certification Training Workshop via zoom with the international facilitators cut across the globe in the month of October , and  the induction ceremony will be held by the end of first quarter of 2023 at Abuja the capital of Nigeria.


Date: October 2022.

Time: 10 .00AM and 4PM Prompt.

PARTICIPATION FEE: N20,000.00 – 500,000 for certification.

Participation By Online Distance Learning Mode

You will be joining the training programme with 100s for participates from all over the world via zoom, whereby, as soon as you register and pay, you will receive the complete workshop package. The Workshop Package will come along with Feedback Questions which you are expected to respond to, after going through relevant contents and sections of the workshop material. The steps required for this option are as follows: If you accept your nomination for fellowship and TLMBI Certification Workshop, you will send an email to indicate your acceptance. You will send your CV by e-mail. Pay the participation fee of your category of interest for the TLMBI Fellowship and Certification Workshop. You will receive the Workshop Material and the Feedback Questions immediately. You will have between one to two weeks to study the material and respond to the questions. Send your answers as an attachment to the Director General (tstbusinessschool@gmail.com) A Committee at the TLMBI Headquarters will vet your feedback Answers on the same day your work is received. The committee may interact with you or seek to clarify issues by email, telephone or Whatsapp in the course of its assessment if necessary. You will be informed of the Committee’s decision the same day.

Benefit Of TLMBI Membership

In addition to your Fellowship Certificate on the day of induction, you will take path in the TLMBI certification workshop through Online Distance Learning which qualifies you for assessment for the designation as a certified Leadership and Mentorship consultant. This is the highest qualification any Leadership and Mentorship consultant can aspire to attain. It is globally accepted and it is reciprocally recognized in over 50 countries. Membership of the TLMBI affords you a unique opportunity of direct involvement with a growing body of senior professionals, exchanging ideas through seminars, roundtable discussions, and setting new standards. Membership consists of professional persons with shared values, standards and objectives. As such, it is a community and network of professionals and experienced experts, many of whom are internationally respected management experts, consultants, researchers and educators. You will have access to information and services on consulting strategies and techniques. A journal, newsletter and special research reports keep members informed about emerging issues in the profession, locally and internationally.Client information. As a service to clients, TLMBI maintains extensive files on Leadership and Mentorship consultants and provides information regarding consultants with particular skills. TLMBI are usually cited for client selection because their credentials are known to afford you a unique opportunity for self-development and also contributes to making your professional knowledge available to society through the platform Leadership and Mentorship Consultancy.

As a member of the TLMBI , you are eligible to attend meetings of the TLMBI where opportunities abound for international networking among experts.

As a member of the TSMBI, you are eligible to apply, assess and be certified in accordance with Guidelines of Ministry f Higher Education. Nigeria. Membership of the TSMBI provides an excellent opportunity for networking among members made possible by our regular seminars and conferences within Africa, and globally, through the meetings and conferences of business giants, industrial magnets, Political voices and   International leaders of different sphere of expertise. 


Categories Of Membership Induction:

Foundation Membership-N20,000

Associates membership-N50,000

Full membership-N100,000

Fellows -150,000

Corporate Fellows-N350,000

Professional fellows-N500,000


Participants at the Certification workshop may pay by Electronic Transfer, Cash Deposit, or Bank Draft. For control and audit purposes, we have two bank accounts:

Bank Name: Zenith Bank

Account Name: Three Sixteen Mart

Account number: 1017346680

We want to hear from you

If this invitation and nomination is acceptable to you, please send an acceptance email to (tstbusinessschool@gmail.com). If you need any clarification on any matter mentioned in this invitation, you may call the program Officer on (whatsapp +491 7641943742, +234 817 893 8735, +234 810 410 3078)We shall be happy to hear from you.

Thanks You

Yours Sincerely,

chairman sig-01

Chairman Board of Governors council.

Dr Gift


Dr Sam Ojong.