Software Development

software Development

Our online, project-based software development course is fast-paced and stimulating – just like your new career in the demanding tech industry will be.

Our aim is to create employable,
entry-level developers with a solid
understanding of software development
techniques including Object-oriented
programming and Test Driven
Development, delivered through best
practice and cutting-edge technologies.



Time to Complete

3 Months

What You'll Learn

  • Python Programming in Depth
  • Object Oriented Programming with Python
  • Length Converter 📏- Interchange length units like Foot, Meters & Inch with Python programming through a Python GUI application
  • Random element selector – Pass a certain number of choices like blue dress or red dress and get a decision picked
  • Sales Data Report 📊 – Analyze the sales report in a week with Python Data Analysis
  • Weight Predictor ⚖️: Create a machine learning python model to predict the age of a person if his height is known
  • Flavor Predictor 🍨 – Find out what flavor does a person like if age & gender is known with machine learning
  • Face Recognizer 😑 – Perform human face recognition with Computer Vision and opencv
  • Fundamentals of Programming with Python 3
  • All Built-in Functions in Python and How to create one?
  • Dice Roller 🎲 – Python GUI application with tkinter to generate random dice outputs
  • ⌚ Total Seconds & Days Counter – Another GUI Python application which will calculate how much days and seconds one has lived
  • Image to Icon Converter 🔄 – Convert .png, .jpg, .jpeg, etc. images into icons with python gui programming
  • Trees Survey Report 📈 – Generate a survey report with DATA SCIENCE
  • eBook Store 🌐 – Become an full stack developer with django 3 and create an ecommerce website
  • Rainy or Clear Weather 🌨️ – Predict whether it will rain or not by passing some parameters to classification model
  • Rating Bot 🤖- Create a natural language processing model to rate comments & reviews automatically

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